Paediatric Physiotherapy

Paediatric Physiotherapy

Our pediatric physiotherapist is specialized in the treatment of children under the age of 18 with lagging or impaired motor skills. These children can have problems participating in physical activities, but sometimes also have social and emotional problems as these children are often excluded during sports and play.

Our pediatric physiotherapist works with the child (and if opportune with parents and teachers) to ensure better performance. This allows children to participate more in gameplay and school and increases the chance of success at sports.

Treatment consists mainly of movement therapy.

Children learn to improve and develop their motor skills. This is done taking into account the developmental stage and expectations of children and with child friendly materials.

During treatment the therapist will keep the parents up to date allowing them to support their children in the development of new physical skills.

If applicable parents are advised on proper body posture for the child or recommendations for suitable playing. The therapist will take physical limitations and challenges into account. Learning new physical skills usually requires frequent exercise. Some children therefore require extra help both at home and at school, with that parents play an important role. 

Sometimes complaints and concerns of the parents, regarding motor skills can indicate underlying causes. The pediatric physiotherapist will consult with your family doctor, pediatrician or other caregivers such as a speech therapist, child psychologist or remedial teacher if applicable.

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