Rates and restitution


Treatment/visit physiotherapy
€ 30,00
Long visit
for patients with complicated and/or multiple complaints
€ 45,00
€ 45,00
Single physiotherapy consult
€ 60,00
Treatment/visit pediatric physiotherapy
€ 42,50
Instruction/consultation with patient’s parents
€ 30,00
Single pediatric physiotherapy consult
€ 60,00
Treatment manual therapy
€ 42,50

Home visits

This surcharge is applicable to all visits on location.

Surcharge home visits
€ 15,00

Our clinic adheres to the central directives physiotherapy as given by the Royal Dutch Physiotherapy Society (KNGF). All patient rights and duties in our clinic are contractually recorded in the 'model agreement physiotherapist-patient' by the KNFG/NPCF. Your data is recorded in our computer system in agreement with the General Data Protection Regulation. All our data is subject to our privacy code of conduct.

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