• Physiotherapy

    The physiotherapist is the expert in posture and movement of the body. With his/her knowledge the physiotherapist prevents, cures or alleviates physical complaints to the musculoskeletal system....

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  • Manual therapy

    The manual therapist is specialized in examining and treating patients with complaints to the spinal column and the joints of the arms and legs. Manual therapy is suited for treating pain and...

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  • Paediatric Physiotherapy

    Our pediatric physiotherapist is specialized in the treatment of children under the age of 18 with lagging or impaired motor skills. These children can have problems participating in physical...

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  • Sports physiotherapy

    The sports physiotherapist plays an important role with prevention, instruction and advice for professional and amateur athletes or anybody thinking of taking up a sport. The sports...

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  • Acupuncture

    The acupuncturist is the most visited alternative therapist in the Netherlands. Acupuncture teaches that energy flows through the body which follows innerly connected channels. These channels are...

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  • Dry needling

    Dry needling is a more recent addition to treatment methods used by Dutch physiotherapists. The method came from Canada and over the years became part of regular physiotherapy. Through special...

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  • Massage

    Massage is an old and trusted method to alleviate pain and to relax the muscles. Its positive effects can be both physical and mental. We provide a sheer inexhaustible number of types of massage;...

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