Mara Tar

As a physiotherapist I support, advice and treat adults and children. Every body is different and every person requires a different approach.

That is what I call custom care!

From early on in my life I knew I wanted to work with children. I was fascinated by the way children develop, move and learn. It is surprising to see how quickly children understand the world they live in and how easily they adapt to new demands.

I tried to understand why some children develop faster or slower than their peers. Was it their personality, was illness a factor or was it slow maturation? Or maybe something completely different…?

For me studying pediatric physiotherapy was a logical choice. I first studied general physiotherapy in Utrecht and after that I specialized in children. In 2008 I completed my education in pediatric physiotherapy. I feel grateful for doing this work.

I hope to continue this work with great passion for years to come.

I’m a BIG and CKR registered physiotherapist and pediatric physiotherapist.

I am a member of the KNGF and the NVFK.