Josée Purvis

Since 2018 I’m the owner of Purvis Massage.

In 2007 I successfully concluded my training as sport masseuse. Apart from that I took several courses at “Massage in Beweging” in order to learn different types of massage. Since 2018 my massage clinic is part of Physiotherapy Bezuidenhout.

I think it is important for people to feel well and I like to contribute to that by providing a good massage. My strength is the attention I can offer to people and my ability to let people enjoy the massage they need at that moment. Letting people relax and treating their muscles for me is not just an effort but also a pleasure.

What types of massage do I offer?

Sport massage/classic massage
Massage with vigorous kneading and pressure points which is very good for tension- and exertion pains.

Relaxation massage
A massage targeted at relaxing the entire body, with special attention to tensed muscles.

Neck- and shoulder massage
Massage specifically aimed at pain in the neck and shoulders.

Hot stone massage
A body massage with hot stones of about 45 degrees Celsius. The heat and pressure of the stones penetrate deeply into the muscles. Hot stone massage relieves tension and leaves you energized.

Chair massage
This massage can be used both person oriented as well as relaxation oriented. Using a special chair this massage of the back, neck, shoulders and arms does not require for the patient to undress. This allows treatment on location at businesses, parties, events, markets etc.