Debora Craig

I was born and studied Physiotherapy in Argentina. I specialized in Global Posture Re-education (RPG® Souchard Method) and I’m also a certified teacher in the Alexander Technique. I am passionate about helping people. Sharing my knowledge is a true joy for me, guiding my students and patients to live a pain-free life , while discovering how the body works and improves its functionality.

I obtained my bachelor degree from the School of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina. Later, I specialized in Global Posture Re-education; a special method to assess and treat neck, back and joints problems, caused by repetitive injuries related to work/hobby, bad postural habits as well pain that comes and goes repeatedly from unknown cause.

Prior to coming to The Netherlands, 12 years ago, I worked with chronic pain patients at a renowned Pain Centre in Buenos Aires. It was an experience that granted me a deeper understanding of the complexities of chronic pain and highlighted the importance of treating the person as a whole.

In my quest to learn more about the intricate neuro-muscular organization of movement, I embarked on a transformative journey into the Alexander Technique. Following my relocation to The Netherlands with my family, I continued with this training in Amsterdam (ATCA) and graduated in 2020.

I believe that our body and mind are inseparable and that is why only when working on this delicate relationship, it is possible to find a real relief and improvement.

I am member of the KGNF, Keurmerk Fysiotherapie, Nevlat (Nederlandse Vereniging van leraren Alexander Techniek) and co-founder of RPG Nederland.

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