René Roelfsema

I’ve been working as a physiotherapist and manual therapist (MSc.) at the clinic since 2014.

I highly value quality of care and therefore specialized during my training at SOMT university in manual therapy. I have a lot of knowledge and experience with complaints in the joints like neck, back, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle, but also pain in the arms originating in the neck, pain in the legs originating in the back and headages and dizziness, these are all suited for treatment with manual therapy.

I consider complex complaints a challenge to diagnose and treat and together with you will do everything possible to achieve optimal results.

By adding medical taping and dry needling (since April 2019) to my palette I have options to choose to achieve this result.

Lastly, I received special schooling to care for people with lung disease such as COPD, lung fibroses, sarcoidosis and asthma.

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